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All good, though $24/month in electricity for 1 to 1.5 air purifiers per classroom is about an order of magnitude higher than it would be to run during occupied hours.

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Yes, I believe the researcher used the 'worst case' scenario and used the electricity price for the highest-cost region.

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Ah, had to follow the reference tree. It was for an air cleaner with a large carbon mass running at its highest speed 24h/day at $0.15/kWh consuming over 215 W, which is far below Energy Star minimum requirements. The electricity rate of $0.15/kWh is okay. But for a classroom it's unreasonable to assume the noise level is acceptable at high speed (hence high power draw) or that they would be left running for 24h/day rather when its occupied. https://ww2.arb.ca.gov/our-work/programs/air-cleaners-ozone-products/air-cleaners-removal-odorous-compounds-associated

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